Friday, March 26, 2010



The Invisibles Volume 5: Counting to None by Grant Morrison, Phil Jiminez and various: The nature of reality continues to become more complicated and mysterious. Did the time machine from 2012 inspire the piece of origami that explains the time machine or vice versa? What came through the timestream in 1924? What happened to John O' Dreams, and whsoe side is he now on? And what the hell is Mr. Quimper? The countdown to the end of the world continues. Catastrophe or Eucastrophe? The Invisibles have to decide. Highly recommended.

The Invisibles Volume 6: Kissing Mr. Quimper by Grant Morrison, Chris Weston and various: Maybe he's a creepy telepathic dwarf. Maybe he's a corrupted spirit fallen into the material world. Whatever the case, Mr. Quimper seems to have telepathically infiltrated the consciousness of Ragged Robin, the Invisibles' time-travelling ace-in-the-hole from the far-flung future of 2012. Will the world become an eternal, living machine of perfect, horrible order? Or will something really cool happen when the Mayan Calendar ends on December 23, 2012? Can both outcomes be true simultaneously? Does evil even exist? What the hell is Barbelith? Highly recommended.

The Invisibles Volume 7: The Invisible Kingdom by Grant Morrison, Chris Weston and various: The coronation of the hideous Moon Child on Lammas in 1999 will usher in the final victory of the Outer Church, the worst organization ever. Or will it? All the Invisibles will have to play a part in making sure the end of the world in 2012 is a good thing, but none moreso than Scottish punk Dane MacGowan, foul-mouthed Messiah, upon whom all of humanity's hopes rest. As Invisible College guru Elfayed tells MacGowan, "This is not a war. This is a rescue mission." Highly recommended.

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