Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Hidden (2015)

Hidden (2015): written and directed by The Duffer Brothers; starring Alexander Skarsgard (Ray), Andrea Riseborough (Claire), and Emily Alyn Lind (Zoe): Parents Ray and Claire and tennish daughter Zoe hide in an old bomb shelter. They've been there for 300 days and counting. Creatures they've dubbed "Breathers" hunt for them on the surface. Underground, the food is running out.

It's a simple set-up for a fairly straightforward film. The performances by all three actors are solid and low-key, as is the direction. Flashbacks fill us in on what brought the family to the shelter. 

Running barely 80 minutes, Hidden is an adequate survival thriller which may or may not have a few twists along the way. Though the biggest enemies for much of the movie are a stubborn water pump and a rat that's gotten into the food supply. A talking doll carried around by Zoe plays the role of Chekov's Gun. Lightly recommended.

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